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Hardwood Flooring in the Santa Clara, Santa Rosa & San Jose, CA Areas

People in the Santa Clara and San Jose, CA areas choose solid hardwood floors because of its durability and the face that there are so many different options to choose from.

Hardwood floors are unlike carpets because they last. Carpets usually need to be replaced after a few years, especially if the owner has pets or the space gets a lot of foot traffic. With hardwood floors, all you have to do is resurface them once in a while.

Hardwood flooring at the Flooring Outlet & More is available in a wide range of dimensions and styles, with each plank made of solid wood and milled from a single piece of timber, giving you stability and durability that’s customized to your needs. Originally used for structural purposes, solid hardwood floors are installed at a 90 degree angle to the wooden support beams for added strength. Now, solid hardwood floors are used almost exclusively for their appearance, though their durability is hard to match!

Hardwood floors have limitations due to the wood’s natural characteristics. The wood expands and contracts as moisture and temperatures fluctuate, causing problems with dimensional problems. This is why the largest boards that can be manufactured are 5 inches wide and ¾ inch thick; otherwise, you potentially compromise the flooring structure.

Measuring Tips From Our Flooring Showroom Experts

Most flooring is sold by the square foot. To find the square footage of a given room, measure its length and width then multiply those numbers together. If you are measuring a room for solid hardwood flooring, you should add 5% to the total square footage. This additional 5% cuts down on waste while also giving you a buffer in case you find boards that are unusable or need to be trimmed. In the event that you want to install your flooring at a 45 degree angle, then you want to add about 15% to the measurement total instead, as there will be additional cutting waste.

Here at Flooring Outlet & More, we have several solid hardwood floor options available for homeowners in the San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa, CA area. Contact us today for more details, or visit our showroom to check out our solid hardwood floor selection in person.